casualconnect_cover_02Casual Connect’s fall issue for 2013 was recently released and Present Creative was selected to design the front page cover art! Our second cover to date, Casual Connect is your “One Stop for Social, iPhone, Android and Casual” information. Present Creative specializes in versatile art direction with the ability to manage complex workflows. As such, this cover art was designed to highlight some of the many styles and methods that keep Present Creative successful in an ever-changing casual, social, and mobile market.

Co-founder Zachary Present along with contributing artists Aletta Wenas, Hector Ortiz, Joshua Clements, James Larson, Phil Jager, Angela Vanden Tak, and Jonathan Stagnaro each added their own unique style elements to the cover. The process to create this piece started with Zachary Present creating the concept and base sketch. Then, each artist selected the piece and style they wished to use. Methods vary based on the style incorporated, for instance, the businessman on the right was done with a photo reference, whereas the nearby pixel cat was done in a completely different manner. By allowing each artist to work a different style and still incorporate it into a cohesive theme, Present Creative is able to show off a wide variety of their talents as well as the ability to bring together discordant ideas into a single vision.


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